Video games and nostalgia

(Before we start, does the featured image of this post, of a Playstation, the very first one, create nostalgia for any of you? Just curious…) Video games are really recent. And I mean, really, REALLY recent. Right now, as of 2017, at the moment I am writing this, more and more generations of people are […]

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Choice in video games

A couple weeks ago I was writing my post about story in video games, in a train towards southern France. One of the topics which I tackled was regarding the element of linearity within video games, and this led me to think about the choices that players make. After all, there are multiple perspectives from […]

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Resident Evil and its excellent use of puzzles, navigations and decision making

So recently, on my PC, I was playing Resident Evil Remastered (which is the remaster of the remake of the original game… Damn, it transcended generations). To be completely honest, I actually never really had played much of it before. I remember watching my brother and his friends playing the Gamecube version of the game […]

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