First things first


Well, that is scary. Now that this blog is actually online, it means I must start!

Speaking of starting, I thought that a good first “project” could be a series about a recent game that EVERYBODY, including you, must have heard about: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


The goal of this new entry in the Zelda franchise was to break down the conventions of the series; which it did! When I played the game, the differences were astounding.

However, even if I am in no way a game design professional of some sort, I still decided to look at the game in terms of its design and how it affected players in their experience when playing (which includes both me and possibly you, yay).

I thought of multiple topics for that little series. Those include:

If you think that I’m just uselessely praising the game like a blind fanboy…

So yeah, there’s already some stuff to cover! After that, I will move on to Resident Evil (the REmake), and then… Who knows? There’s so many games to discuss and rant about that really, there’s much time for those plans to come!


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