Playing online games while being shy

I won’t beat around the bush: I am a shy person. Like, really shy. In real life, social interactions always have been tricky to me. It’s surely fine with friends, but right at the moment there are too many people, or I face someone I don’t know, I feel uneasy. I feel this “ball” of some sorts within me, this “ball” of stress. And when I do talk (which isn’t too often), it’s usually pretty awkward.

With the rise of the number of online games that happened over the past decade, there have been many opportunities for me to jump in and play. But I’m afraid.

“They’re not actually next to you, they can’t do anything to you physically, so why are you afraid?”, I am often told when I talk about that.

“Well”, I respond, “It’s something I acknowledge I need to work on. However it doesn’t happen in a click. It is solved through many small steps”. Such steps importantly and mostly include being more involved with actual social interactions, which I do, but one of those smaller steps can be to play online games with strangers. This may look insignificant, but this context does allow me to interact with people I do not know, which is useful for my social development.

This is why I play games such as Overwatch. In the case of that game, while we mostly don’t create any DEEP relationships with any of the other players most of the time, being active in the communication means that I can get more confident in spreading my ideas to others. While playing the game, I always make sure that I contribute a lot in terms of my communication with other players. This can contribute in developing my communication skills.

Overwatch_charactersIt is crucial to communicate in Overwatch, hence why it is a useful case, here.

This doesn’t change the fact that when I attempt to communicate within the game, that “ball” is still there. Trying to pull me back. But I fight it. I do not let it dominate me and I do not let it make sure that I just stay inactive. The matter is that if I play an online game, then it’s better to fully jump into the boat rather than putting only one leg, and then falling off because I wasn’t sure whether I should board or not while it starts to go forward.

I still am tempted to try new online games, or at least be more involved within ones that I already played, such as any online mode of Garry’s Mod. I still have that damn “ball” which is still trying to keep me in the abyss. But I must go on, no matter what, because otherwise I will just freeze, and remain at the bottom. And who wants to be there anyway? Damn it, I say! I shall rise to the top!

2015-08-29_00006.jpgGarry’s Mod has proven that I can work on my communication skills, improve on them. So why can’t you, if you also have this problem?

If YOU are a shy person like me, then why not follow my path? It is only by facing those situations that people like us dread that there is going to be an improvement. Remember that you can find me on Steam, so if you want to play something or just talk, then go on my profile! I’d be glad to talk to someone who is in a similar situation as I am! 🙂


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